Yankee Candle Signature Large Jar Black Cherry


The absolute delicious sweetness of rich, ripe black cherries.

Experience the Yankee Candle® brand, totally reimagined. This refreshing take on our iconic Jar shape is designed to create the best experience to date. This is the largest Jar Candle in the collection at 567g. Two wicks and a premium soy-wax blend.

  • Burn Time:60 - 90 Hours
  • Wax:Smooth soy wax blend that delivers a clean, consistent burn.
  • Scent:Premium quality ingredients that create distinctive true-to-life scents
  • Vessel:Modern and elegant jar with key elements of Yankee Candle® brand heritage and a glass lid.
  • Wick:100% natural fibres, rigorously tested for the best burn possible.
  • Weight:567g
  • Dimensions:9.3cm x 15.7cm
  • Colour:Red

Safety Information

3-Octanol, 3,7-dimethyl-, Octabenzone, p-Tolylacetaldehyde, Cinnamal, delta-Damascone
May produce an allergic reaction

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